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Benewake TF350 Long-Distance Laser Sensor to Maximize Industrial Efficiency

Precision and efficiency are essential in the modern industrial world. Enter the Benewake TF350, an advanced long distance laser sensor with unmatched capabilities for a wide range of industrial uses.

Optimized Long-Range Sensing

Benewake TF350 sets a new standard with its remarkable long-range detection capabilities, extending up to an impressive 350 meters. This advanced functionality empowers industries to achieve precise and reliable object detection, enhancing operational efficiency across various environments.

High-Frequency LiDAR Technology: Maximizing Detection Precision

At the heart of Benewake TF350 lies cutting-edge high-frequency LiDAR technology. By leveraging rapid and accurate data acquisition, TF350 maximizes detection precision, enabling industries to streamline processes and optimize resource allocation for increased productivity.

Cost-Effective and Versatile

Benewake TF350 offers more than just exceptional performance; it presents a cost-effective and versatile solution for industrial needs. With easy installation, high integration, and customizable parameters, TF350 caters to diverse ranging requirements, ensuring adaptability and cost-efficiency in every application.

Industrial-Grade Reliability: Thriving in Challenging Conditions

Industries operate in dynamic environments, often characterized by challenging conditions. TF350 rises to the occasion with its robust IP67 structure, designed to withstand the rigors of both indoor and outdoor settings. This industrial-grade reliability ensures consistent performance, bolstering operational resilience in the face of adversity.


With its extraordinary long distance laser sensor capabilities, the Benewake TF350 is an innovative product in the field of industrial sensing. The TF350 provides industrial applications with an unrivaled level of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and diversity thanks to its sophisticated long-range sensing capabilities and its exploitation of high-frequency LiDAR technology. The fact that it was constructed with industrial-grade dependability makes it a shining example of excellence in the present industrial period. It is able to fulfill the requirements for laser sensor systems that are deployed across large distances.

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