7 Websites that can help you master Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a very popular program in many companies. It is a great tool to keep everything organized and efficient. Microsoft Excel makes it easy to create plans, trackers, and segregate data.

This program is so fundamental that many schools teach it. Microsoft Excel is very easy to use in your daily life. The program has many complex functions that can be used to accomplish very difficult tasks.

Excel’s complexity is more than learning how to “find and Replace in Word” in Microsoft Word. Because of their complexity and a sheer number of functions, they can seem intimidating and overwhelming. Microsoft Excel also offers many other functions. MS Excel has it all, from organizing basic data to entering mail merge data.

You can learn Excel online if you don’t feel confident. Excel can be a powerful tool to organize your day and save time. Acuity Training can also teach Excel.

You don’t have to worry about paying for classes. There are websites that offer free lessons! Let’s take a look at each one.

Microsoft Excel Help Center

Microsoft offers its own tutorials for Excel. This page can help you learn the basics of Excel and includes different tutorials. The tutorials can be divided into different categories. This tutorial is an excellent starting point for Excel users.

You can find the categories on their homepage to help you get started. You can also learn the functions and formulas. They can help you import and analyze data.

This website contains all the tools that you need to navigate around Microsoft Excel.

Excel Simple

Excel Easy is a great website for Excel beginners who are interested in learning more about Microsoft Excel. The program is easy to use, starting with the basics and moving on to more complex topics.

They introduce basic terms and definitions, with links to the relevant links. You’ll also come across functions, data analysis and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) throughout your studies.

Learn how to create a drop-down Excel list or highlight duplicates in Excel. This course covers all the essentials and helps you move on to the more challenging lessons.

Mr. Excel

Mr. Excel is focused on providing you with extensive Excel as an application. You can either get them for free or purchase their products through their online store. These products include “MrExcel 2022 Boosting Excel” as well “Master Your Data With Power Query in Excel & Power BI”.

Online courses are also available. You can learn everything you need about Excel, from advanced Excel techniques to how to impress your interviewer.

You can choose to specialize in a course or product from the variety of functions offered by each course.

Additionally, Mr. Excel can also give webinars or seminars about Microsoft Excel. You can hire them to give a talk of one to two hours about the program. They are dedicated to making Excel easy for your employees.

Excel Hero

Excel Hero is a blog that provides advanced information about Microsoft Excel. They offer lessons on VBA and filling Excel PDF forms. They also offer classes on topics related to Excel.

They also have the Excel Hero Academy and Awesome Excel Dashboards Course. You can also find challenges on the website that will allow you to practice what you have learned.

The website also offers hundreds of workbooks that can be downloaded. You can use these workbooks to dive into the world of Excel. These books have everything you need, from the Excel definition to the most complicated aspects of the program.

You might be able even to find information in the source material if you are using an older version of Excel 2010 or Excel 2010.

The Smart Method

The Smart Method was formerly Excel Central. This website teaches you the basics of Microsoft Excel. Sample materials will help you to learn basic skills like how highlight duplicates in Excel.

The Smart Method provides advanced techniques for those who pay for membership. There are materials to help you master your essential skills, and other materials that will help you improve your expert skills.

The website also mentions whether the Excel skills they will teach you are for employment purposes. They also describe the essential skills required for this purpose. Because the materials can teach you everything from basic skills to advanced levels required for most jobs,


Contextures offers a variety of tutorials and resources that will help you master Excel. These tutorials cover everything from key skills to various functions. You can also study from their workbooks.

If you are really committed to excel mastery, you can sign up for their newsletter. For more information on the program and helpful tips, you can visit their blog. They will show you how Excel can be used for various purposes.


This website can help you master Microsoft Excel 2016. These materials are organized by type, not difficulty. The content will show you how to use Excel from the beginning until the What-if Analysis.

GCF has an additional category that explains how to get Microsoft Excel 2016. They also took the time to explain the new features that you will find in this version of the program.

You can also learn more about the reference styles. You can also take the quiz to see how well you know them.


A basic understanding of Microsoft Excel is a must for any job application. Organizational skills are valued by companies. Excel proficiency is a bonus in your application.

It’s easier than ever to understand the complex features of Microsoft Excel in today’s information age. There are many resources, both paid and free, that can help you understand the complexities of Excel, as shown in the above recommendations. Many websites provide valuable insights into different topics related to Excel.

Microsoft Excel is easy to learn. Follow the suggestions above to get started with Excel.

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