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Accelerate Data Transfer in Industrial Applications

YANSEN is a reputable brand known for delivering reliable industrial CFast solutions. their industrial CFast storage devices utilize high-speed CFast modules to achieve efficient and high-performance operation. Designed with internally configured 8-bank CFast devices, their CFast modules utilize DDR architecture, enabling fast data transfer and storage. With YANSEN’s industrial CFast solutions, you can trust in the reliability and performance of their products.

DDR3 SDRAM Modules: Fast Data Transfer for High Performance

High-speed CMOS dynamic random access memory modules, or DDR3 SDRAM modules, are a feature of YANSEN’s industrial CFast products. Two data bits can be transferred at the I/O pins every clock cycle thanks to the 8n-prefetch DDR3 architecture used in these modules. Their CFast devices’ quick and effective data transfer is made possible by this architecture, which guarantees dependable and trouble-free operations in industrial applications.

Reliable and Durable Industrial CFast Storage

YANSEN’s industrial CFast storage devices are designed to provide reliability and durability in industrial environments. their CFast modules feature 204-pin DIMMs with gold contact fingers, ensuring secure and reliable connections. The internally configured 8-bank DDR3 SDRAM devices deliver efficient data storage and retrieval, meeting the demands of industrial applications. Whether you require CFast solutions for ruggedized devices, embedded systems, or other industrial applications, YANSEN’s industrial CFast storage provides the reliability and performance you need.


YANSEN is a reputable supplier of industrial CFast solutions, providing dependable and fast storage devices. Their CFast modules are equipped with DDR3 SDRAM technology, which facilitates rapid data transmission and effective storage. Their gold contact fingers and sturdy construction make the CFast storage devices durable and safe for use in industrial settings. For dependable and high-performing storage in industrial applications, rely on YANSEN’s CFast industrial solutions.

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