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Esports betting, a form of entertainment based on video games, has become popular with a large number of players participating in betting floors. New888. In recent times, its popularity has increased significantly, mainly because the Esport market is growing stronger. The article below will provide an overview of this type.

What’s special about Esport betting at bookmaker New88?

The simultaneous development of the Esport market is continuing at this betting venue, attracting an increasing number of Esport betting participants every day. This is because:

Diverse game versions

New88 continuously updates the most attractive Esport tournaments every day, creating conditions for players to experience new and dramatic events.

Major tournaments often belong to popular titles such as CS:GO, League of Legends (LOL), and DOTA 2, making players’ betting experience more engaging.

Quick deposit and withdrawal process

Members participating in betting in the Esport field will benefit from a deposit and withdrawal payment process with the fastest speed and highest convenience. The house ensures that players can make financial transactions conveniently and easily.

This helps them focus entirely on participating and experiencing Esport events without having to worry about complicated procedures or delays in money transactions.

New88’s top Esport betting app

Members using the New88 application to participate in betting in the Esport field will be encouraged to log in and participate every day, simply if they want to. This not only facilitates players’ access to daily betting opportunities but also boosts their engagement and commitment to the app.

Upgrade the top-notch interface

New88 is paying special attention to improving the Esport betting interface, recognizing that players are always eager to search and place bets conveniently and quickly.

This reflects their commitment to providing the most optimal and convenient betting experience for players, while also demonstrating their acumen in meeting the growing needs of the Esport betting community.

Super fast betting processing speed

The speed of experience when participating in Esport betting at New88 is considered quite stable and fast, giving players an interesting and uninterrupted experience.

Players can easily update and participate in a variety of betting markets as quickly as possible, helping them access the latest betting opportunities and enjoy an exciting gaming experience without any obstacles.

100% standard customer support and care

New88’s customer care service in the field of Esport betting is managed and provided by the house quickly and professionally. Their support team is always willing to resolve any problems or concerns of players immediately, bringing peace of mind and satisfaction to players.

Promotional events updated regularly

Promotional programs in the Esport betting category are also organized by New88 in a diverse and continuous manner. This bookmaker constantly innovates and updates attractive incentives to attract and motivate players.
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Check out the best Esport betting products

Currently, Esport betting products are the most popular options on the market. Among them, the three e-sports versions below always attract a large number of members to participate every day.


CS:GO, an Esport betting version with a shooting theme, has attracted a significant number of players at this sports playground. With a high level of damage, this version is popular with many people.

Currently, the CS:GO market is undergoing many changes from the interface to weapons for players. The goal of these changes is to stimulate a competitive spirit and increase the excitement of betting participants.


DOTA2 is considered an Esport betting version with high team characteristics, outstanding with a daily and diverse tournament system. This makes it easy for players to choose the tournament they want to participate in when betting on this version.

When deciding to bet in DOTA2, bettors will bet on which team has the potential to win. This could be based on previews of both teams’ live matches. Surely it is not difficult for you to win the bet of this game.

Dramatic Esport LOL betting

The top product in this game is League of Legends, attracting the attention of many players. In particular, with LOL tournaments increasingly expanding into the market, players will always have the opportunity to find their favorite events here. Combined with knowledge of LOL betting and Esport betting, you will have an easy chance to win.

Quick guide to Esport betting

After successfully creating a betting account, participating in Esport betting at bookmaker New88 will become simple. To get started, you just need to follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Log in to New88 and deposit money. If your betting account does not have enough 200,000 VND to participate in the game.
  • Step 2: On the New88 website, select Esport, then select IM E-Sports. Here, you will see the full betting system of e-sports that the house offers.
  • Step 3: On the left side of the interface, you can select the Esport game you want to join. Next, choose the tournament you are interested in betting on.
  • Step 4: Player selects information of 2 teams to bet. Click on the odds, enter the bet amount and confirm to complete.

Pocket important notes when betting on Esport

To be successful in making money from e-sports games, take a look at some important notes below!

If you are new to esports betting, you should not bet a lot of money

People new to New88 Esport betting often lack experience, leading to difficulty predicting match results and can cause large financial losses.

Make sure you have the winning line then place your bet

When starting out, gamers should consider betting at a moderate level and limit betting too high to safely accumulate valuable experience. This helps bettors avoid risks and losing money

Should stop to preserve capital

If you want to preserve capital and increase your chances of winning in the future, stop when you encounter many consecutive failures. Continuous losses can be due to lack of experience or inaccurate predictions. Take breaks to clear your mind and improve your skills to increase your chances of future success.

Continuously update and analyze information

On the Esports betting forum, you can find a lot of useful information for reference. This community attracts the participation of many players around the world, giving you the opportunity to grasp the necessary information. This helps players easily find their chances of winning.

Above is the most detailed summary of the top Esport betting types at bookmaker New88. Please refer to the article above and learn for yourself the experience of betting to win big.

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