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Tailored Solutions for Baby 3 in 1 Rockers : Claesde’s ODM/OEM Service

Claesde takes pride in its exceptional ODM/OEM service, offering customized solutions for baby products, particularly the baby 3 in 1 rocker. With a dedicated design and research team, Claesde possesses extensive expertise in market research, design, production, quality control, and shipping.

Comprehensive ODM Service

Claesde’s ODM service encompasses the entire product development cycle, from concept creation to production and delivery. Their experienced team collaborates closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and preferences. By leveraging their expertise, we offer valuable insights and suggestions throughout the process, ensuring the final product aligns perfectly with the customer’s vision.

Design and R&D Expertise

At Claesde, they understand the importance of innovative and engaging baby product design. Their design and R&D teams are made up of skilled professionals with a deep understanding of market trends and customer preferences. Through market research and analysis, they discovered the emerging trend of releasing the parents’ hands and letting the baby swing automatically in the product, hence the 3 in 1 rocker. baby rocker 3 in 1 means their design philosophy, creating products that are not only versatile but also visually appealing.

Mold Opening and Production

Claesde’s manufacturing capabilities extend to mold opening and production, allowing them to bring their customers’ design needs to life. They have advanced equipment and skilled technicians to ensure a precise and efficient production process. As long as the customer’s needs are clear, they can produce a specific product. For example,t baby rocker 3 in 1, its versatility also means that its construction is more complex than ordinary products, but their production and manufacturing also represent their success.


Claesde’s ODM/OEM service for baby 3 in 1 rockers stands out as a comprehensive and customer-centric solution. With a dedicated team of designers, extensive manufacturing capabilities, and a commitment to cost and time efficiency, Claesde delivers tailored products that meet the unique requirements of our customers.

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