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VTCBATT’s Cutting-Edge Energy Storage Battery: Powering the Future

In the realm of energy storage solutions, one name stands out for its exceptional quality and reliability: VTCBATT. With their state-of-the-art lithium battery systems, VTCBATT is revolutionizing the way we store and utilize energy. Their flagship product, the Vxl10000 10Kwh 51.2V 200Ah Rack Mount ESS Lifepo4 Energy Storage Battery, is a game-changer in the industry.

VTCBATT’s Vxl10000 10Kwh Rack Mount ESS Lifepo4 Energy Storage Battery

VTCBATT’s Vxl10000 is an advanced lithium iron phosphate battery that offers unparalleled performance and durability. With a rated voltage of 51.2V and a capacity of 200Ah, this energy storage battery is designed to meet the demands of various applications, including home ESS, solar ESS, and solar off-grid backup systems. Its compact size of 442*520*320 mm ensures easy integration into any setup.

Advantages of VTCBATT’s Energy Storage Battery

What sets VTCBATT apart from its competitors is its commitment to excellence. Their team of experts meticulously manufactures the Vxl10000 battery using brand new and grade A cells. This dedication to quality ensures not only the safety of the battery but also its optimal performance. In contrast, many competitors resort to using recycled cells, which compromise the constancy of the cells and the effectiveness of the battery management system (BMS), posing potential safety hazards, especially in households.

Compatibility with Inverters

VTCBATT’s Vxl10000 battery seamlessly integrates with multiple brand inverters through RS485/CAN communication protocol. This enables efficient and reliable communication between the battery and the inverter. Moreover, the RS232 communication protocol allows for easy data reading of the battery’s state of health (SOH), capacity, and charge/discharge status, providing users with valuable insights into their energy storage system’s performance.


In the rapidly evolving world of energy storage, VTCBATT shines as an industry leader. Their Vxl10000 10Kwh Rack Mount ESS Lifepo4 Energy Storage Battery offers unmatched reliability, longevity, and safety. With their cutting-edge lithium battery systems, VTCBATT empowers individuals and businesses to harness the power of energy storage efficiently. Choose VTCBATT for a sustainable and future-proof energy storage solution.

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