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WEIFU Films: Your Leading BOPP Manufacturers for Sustainable Solutions

As one of the leading BOPP manufacturers, WEIFU Films takes pride in their commitment to sustainability and offers innovative solutions such as the BOPP GRS Label Film. This film incorporates 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content in its core, making it an eco-friendly choice for packaging. By utilizing PCR materials, WEIFU Films reduces environmental impact and promotes the circular economy. With their BOPP GRS Label Film, they provide businesses with a sustainable packaging option without compromising on quality or performance.

Low Haze Base Film for Enhanced Print and Adhesive Receptivity

When it comes to print quality and adhesive receptivity, WEIFU Films’ low haze base film delivers exceptional results. This film is designed to have low levels of haze, ensuring clarity and sharpness in printed designs. Additionally, the low haze base film offers excellent adhesion properties, allowing for superior print quality and optimal bonding with adhesives. With WEIFU Films’ low haze base film, business can achieve vibrant and appealing packaging designs while ensuring reliable adhesion for their products.

Enhanced Performance with Double-Sided Corona Treatment

WEIFU Films goes the extra mile to enhance the performance of their BOPP films. Both sides of their films undergo corona treatment, which improves the surface energy and promotes better ink adhesion and coating application. The double-sided corona treatment ensures consistent and reliable printing results, enabling business to achieve precise and vibrant graphics on their packaging materials. With WEIFU Films’ double-sided corona treatment, business can trust the quality and performance of their BOPP films for a wide range of applications.


WEIFU Films stands out as a trustworthy BOPP manufacturer that offers sustainable solutions and superior quality. Their BOPP GRS Label Film, featuring 30% PCR content in the core, provides businesses with an eco-friendly packaging option without compromising on performance. Choose WEIFU Films as your trusted BOPP manufacturers and experience the benefits of their sustainable solutions and top-notch quality in the packaging industry.

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