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YLC-King Electronics: Your Trusted Partner for Electronic Manufacturing Services

YLC-King Electronics is one the most leading electronic manufacturing services companies. YLC-King Electronics has years of experience in the field and a solid reputation for providing solutions for electronic manufacturing that are of the highest calibre. Selecting YLC-King Electronics will allow you to work with a seasoned business that is aware of your particular needs and has the know-how to manage PCB designs with different levels of complexity.

Utilizing Advanced Manufacturing Equipment

YLC-King Electronics is equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment to ensure efficient and precise production processes from the field of electronic manufacturing services companies. Their state-of-the-art equipment allows them to handle a wide range of PCB designs, from simple to highly complex. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, YLC-King Electronics can provide you with the highest quality electronic manufacturing services that meet your specific needs as one of the most excellent electronic manufacturing services companies.

Efficient Quoting and Expedited Services

At YLC-King Electronics, they understand the importance of responsiveness and quick turnaround times. They offer a swift PCB quoting process, delivering quotes within one hour of receiving your request. Additionally, YLC-King Electronics provides expedited services for 2-layer and 4-layer PCBs, ensuring fast delivery to meet your project deadlines. Their fast PCB assembly quote and 10-day full turnkey service further demonstrate their commitment to efficiency and promptness.

Professional R&D and Thorough Quality Assurance

YLC-King Electronics takes pride in their professional research and development center and experienced design team. With their expertise and knowledge accumulated over the years, they can provide innovative solutions and ensure the highest level of quality in their electronic assemblies. YLC-King Electronics conducts rigorous testing and inspection processes to guarantee that their full turnkey products meet stringent quality standards. You can trust YLC-King Electronics to deliver high-quality and reliable electronic assemblies for your projects.


Partnering with YLC-King Electronics for your electronic manufacturing needs means partnering with a renowned company that prioritizes advanced technology, efficiency, and quality assurance. Contact YLC-King Electronics today to discuss your requirements and experience the excellence of their electronic manufacturing services. Trust YLC-King Electronics to be your reliable partner in bringing your electronic designs to life.

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