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DL-50W-MAP: A Versatile and Reliable Waterproof Electronic LED Driver by Done Power

DL-50W-MAP, developed by Done Power, is a leading waterproof electronic LED driver that offers versatility and reliability for European outdoor road lighting applications. With its wide power range and rated input voltage, DL-50W-MAP is designed to meet the diverse needs of professional lighting projects.

DL-50W-MAP: The Versatile LED Power Supply Driver by Done Power

  1. Introduction to DL-50W-MAP and its Role in European Outdoor Road Lighting:

DL-50W-MAP is a high-performance LED power supply driver specifically designed for European outdoor road lighting. It provides efficient and reliable power management, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for LED lighting systems in various outdoor applications.

  1. Overview of the Wide Power Range and Rated Input Voltage of the LED Driver:

DL-50W-MAP offers a wide power range, ranging from 50 to 200 watts, providing flexibility to meet different lighting requirements. It operates within a rated input voltage range of 100-277Vac, allowing for seamless integration with various electrical systems commonly found in outdoor lighting installations.

Versatility and Performance Features of DL-50W-MAP

  1. Constant and Adjustable Power Level Selection for Flexible Applications:

DL-50W-MAP allows users to choose between constant and adjustable power levels, enabling precise control and customization of lighting output. This feature ensures compatibility with a wide range of LED lighting fixtures and enables the driver to adapt to different lighting scenarios.

  1. Surge Protection and SCP/OTP/OVP/OCP for Enhanced Reliability:

DL-50W-MAP is equipped with surge protection to safeguard the LED lighting system against voltage spikes and fluctuations, ensuring stable and reliable operation. Additionally, it incorporates multiple protection mechanisms, including SCP (Short Circuit Protection), OTP (Over Temperature Protection), OVP (Over Voltage Protection), and OCP (Over Current Protection), further enhancing the reliability and durability of the driver.


DL-50W-MAP by Done Power is a versatile and reliable waterproof electronic LED driver designed to meet the demanding requirements of European outdoor road lighting applications. With its wide power range, rated input voltage, constant and adjustable power level selection, as well as surge protection and comprehensive protection features, DL-50W-MAP ensures optimal performance, flexibility, and reliability for professional lighting projects.

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