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Tecloman’s TRACK Outdoor Liquid-Cooled Energy Storage Cabinet: Versatile and Efficient

Tecloman introduces the TRACK Outdoor Liquid-Cooled Energy Storage Cabinet, a state-of-the-art solution for versatile energy storage applications. Designed to support separate PCS (Power Conversion System) connections and parallel operation with PSC (Power Storage Cabinet), Tecloman’s liquid-cooled battery cabinet offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

Separate PCS Connection for Enhanced Flexibility

Tecloman’s TRACK Outdoor Liquid-Cooled Energy Storage Cabinet supports separate PCS connections, providing enhanced flexibility in energy storage system configurations. By allowing independent connections to the PCS, users gain greater control over system design, customization, and scalability. This feature enables seamless integration into a wide range of applications, ensuring optimal energy management based on specific requirements. Tecloman‘s commitment to versatility empowers customers to adapt their energy storage systems to changing needs and maximize the benefits of their investments.

Parallel Operation with PSC for Increased Efficiency

The liquid-cooled battery cabinet can be used in parallel operation with the PSC, further enhancing energy storage system efficiency. By combining the capabilities of the TRACK Outdoor Liquid-Cooled Energy Storage Cabinet with the Power Storage Cabinet, users can achieve higher overall system capacity and performance. This parallel operation allows for increased energy storage capacity, faster charging and discharging rates, and improved system reliability. Tecloman’s solution ensures that energy demands are met effectively, enabling smooth operations in applications such as peak-load shifting or emergency standby power.


Whether it’s for new energy consumption, peak-load shifting, emergency standby power, or dynamic capacity enhancement, Tecloman’s liquid-cooled battery cabinet delivers industry-leading performance and versatility. Experience the advantages of Tecloman’s advanced energy storage cabinet and unlock the full potential of your energy management capabilities.

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