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Empowering Heavy-Duty Industries with Unparalleled Performance

Techking, a renowned brand in the tyre manufacturing industry, has been at the forefront of delivering high-performance Off-The-Road (OTR) tyres. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Techking OTR tyres have become synonymous with reliability, durability, and unmatched performance.

Uncompromising Quality and Durability

Techking OTR tyres are built to withstand the toughest conditions encountered in heavy-duty industries. These tyres are crafted with a focus on uncompromising quality and durability, utilizing robust construction techniques and high-quality materials. The reinforced sidewalls, specialized rubber compounds, and advanced tread designs ensure exceptional resistance to cuts, punctures, and impacts, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs. Techking OTR tyres are engineered to deliver long-lasting performance, enabling heavy machinery to operate reliably in challenging environments.

Enhanced Traction and Stability

In demanding terrains, traction and stability are vital for heavy machinery to perform optimally. Techking OTR tyres excel in providing enhanced traction and stability, enabling operators to navigate through uneven surfaces, slippery conditions, and rough terrains with confidence. The innovative tread patterns and self-cleaning capabilities of Techking OTR tyres ensure maximum grip, reducing slippage and improving overall productivity.

Optimized Load-Carrying Capacity

Heavy machinery often handles substantial loads, and Techking OTR tyres are designed to handle these demanding requirements. These tyres feature a robust construction and specially formulated compounds that provide optimal load-carrying capacity. Techking OTR tyres offer superior weight distribution and load-bearing capabilities, enabling operators to transport heavy loads safely and efficiently. The ability to handle heavy loads effectively enhances productivity while ensuring the safety of both personnel and equipment.


Techking OTR tyres have established themselves as industry leaders, delivering unparalleled performance, durability, and reliability to heavy-duty industries. With their uncompromising quality, enhanced traction and stability, optimized load-carrying capacity, advanced technology, and comprehensive support, Techking OTR tyres empower businesses to tackle the most challenging applications with confidence. By choosing Techking, heavy-duty industries can optimize their operations, enhance productivity, and achieve success in their endeavors.

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